Welcome to Islamabad Olympic Association

Islamabad Olympic Association (IOA) is recognized then soloist concerning Islamabad Olympic Association (POA). It was wrought of September 2012 in accordance with boast activity then encourage players into Pakistan. Chaudhry Muhammad Shafique is the prolocutor Muhammad Ramzan is the General Secretary & Jalal Haider is the finance minister on Islamadad Olympic Association. There are amount 22 Association who are affiliated along Islamabad Olympic Association.The cause concerning Islamabad Olympic Association is in conformity with flourish adolescence in conformity with show theirs skills.

The most important perpose about Islamabad Olympic Association is after proclaim Olympic at countrywide Level.For that perpose Islamabad Olympic Association additionally organize certain occasions yet additionally prepare among after Inshallah.

The Saying of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on Sport

Dedicate your self in imitation of sports activities promotion, because of when thou then I are gone, leadership intention run between the arms of youth, or adolescence is our wealth, a uncooked material, so much need to remain hammered within shape, within radiant steel in imitation of try and smite among defence - the defence of the fairness then team spirit over the Pakistan - the defence concerning the ideology about Pakistan