The objective of Islamabad Olympic Association:


To exhort then develop Olympism, the Olympic Movement alongwith its high beliefs then insure the observance about the Olympic Charter.

Encourage, promote, power yet assist among the development about sports activities into Pakistan.
To keep the best ideals concerning Olympism in conformity with civilize typical activity where in particular of ligature including the Olympic, Regional and other International Games.

Instill between the formative years the qualities concerning discipline, courage, self-reliance, honesty, tolerance and like virtues.

Preserve or license and try the National Games on whole Pakistan groundwork at least as soon as in Two (2) Years and each time necessary.

To talk with the International Olympic Committee, International Federations or governmental bodies when required.

Bust job in opposition to any form concerning state of being more or less or diatribe of sports activities concerning grounds regarding race, religion, politics, intercourse and otherwise.

Undertake and enforce the World Anti-Doping Code, thereby making sure so the Islamabad Olympic Association’s anti-doping insurance policies yet rules, membership then / then funding requirements then effects management tactics conform along the World Anti-Doping Code or respect all the roles or obligations because of NOC’s that are listed within the World Anti-Doping Code.

Encourage or induct women sharing into sports activities and management.

Confirm decision over whole disputes between sports via Arbitration.

Civilize capital or pray sources over financing because holding oversea the capabilities of IOA. However, its autonomy, homage yet solitude in accordance together with the Olympic Charter shall not remain compromised.

Do whole acts yet matters necessary then honest according to carry out the reasons on the Islamabad Olympic Association.